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  ARMOGUN Автов'язчик арматури AG-400
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On the construction of medium-sized building is a few dozen people, whose task to collect steel skeleton before casting concrete. Dozens of people connect re-bars by steel wire with the hook. This is the most lengthy and inefficient phase in monolithic concrete construction. Sometimes it is a serious stage of the assembly frame shifts as possible.

By using Armogan autotiers, you can automate this process and increase the speed of frame assembly up to 4-6 times.

  • Walls and foundations;
  • Construction of roads and bridges;
  • The construction of swimming pools;
  • Prefabricated concrete constructions;

Perhaps you know more about concrete, reinforcement and concrete construction, but we know just how to make your work more effective..


Пистолет для вязки арматурыRe-bar autotierRe-bar autotierRe-bar autotier




Re-bar autotier

Autotier AG-230
up to 21 mm

Autotier AG-400
up to 40mm


  • Comparison of re-bar connecting methods
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